This episode of 10-5 The Official Podcast of the OPP Association will assist Regular Full Time Uniform and Civilian members of the OPP Association to understand their entitlement to Short Term Sickness Plan (STSP) credits. Please note that references in this podcast assume that the member is off work due to a non-work related injury/illness.  

Guests are Lisa Hillstrom the now retired Executive Officer Pension and Benefits for OPP Association (served in role 2006-2023)  and Caitlin Fournier, Senior Advisor, Pension and Benefits who joined the OPP Association on May 1, 2023.

The episode follows a question and answer format as follows:

1.  What is a Member’s short term sickness plan (STSP) credit entitlement?

OPP Association members are entitled to 130 STSP credits each calendar year.  The first 6 days are at 100% salary and the balance of 124 days are at 75% salary.  Note:  130 STSP credits are based on 8 hour or 7.25 hour days (depends on the hours of the members position).

2. Can a member use attendance credits to top up the 124 STSP credits covered at 75% salary?

Yes, members have the following options to top-up the 124 STSP credits at 75% salary to 100% salary:

Uniform members – vacation credits, overtime credits and statutory holiday credits.

Civilian members – vacation credits and overtime credits.

3. How does a member qualify or requalify for Short Term Sickness Credits (STSP)?

Uniform members as per Article 7 of the Uniform Collective Agreement.  

Civilian members as per Article 12 of the Civilian Collective Agreement.  

NOTE:  Please refer to the STSP Qualification and Reinstatement chart which is available for members on the OPPA website at (Login required. If you are member and require a login please email

4. What is a sick day?

A sick day is an absence from the workplace when you are unable to perform the duties of your position due to illness or injury; example: If a medical appointment renders a member unable to attend to their duties, i.e. tests that require sedation, anesthetic or a recovery period.

5. What is not a sick day?

Some examples are: Scheduled routine medical appointments (annual medical checkup, dental hygiene, vision examinations, hearing tests, etc.), dependent care issues, weather, transit disruptions/traffic jams, vehicle breakdown, and utility disruption.

6. Do Members continue to contribute to their pension with the PSPP while using STSP credits?

Yes, members will continue to contribute to their pension while using STSP credits. Their pension contributions are made based on their full salary, therefore if the member elects to not top up their 124 STSP credits with available credits, the pension contributions are deducted as if they were paid at full salary.

7. What questions will be asked of a Member who is away from the workplace using their STSP entitlements?

(a) When did they start to be off continuously using their STSP credits. 

(b) Did the Member have 130 STSP credits when they started to be off continuously?

 (c) If the Member used some STSP credits prior to their current continuous absence, do they know how many credits they have available to remain on the payroll. 

(d) Has the Member elected to top-up their STSP credits covered to 75% salary with available credits or not?

(e) If the Member  has been off more than 3 months, have they received an LTIP package from the Ontario Shared Services? 

NOTE: On this episode the provisions of Long Term Income Protection (LTIP) are not discussed, however it is important for members to be aware that there is a 6-month qualification period before LTIP can be approved. If members don’t have enough STSP credits for the full 6-month period, they can remain on the payroll using available vacation, overtime or stat credits or they can request a leave without pay.

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This episode of the 10-5 podcast is produced and hosted by Scott Mills and Emily Brown.

Music – “Line of Fire” by Jason Shaw available at and used under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License