We are joined by Chief Psychologist of the OPP, Dr. Vivien Lee, to talk about the OPP’s Healthy Workplace Team and the assistance they provide to OPP Association members.


Dr. Vivien Lee is the Commander of the OPP’s Healthy Workplace Team (HWT) and Chief Psychologist of the OPP. During this episode, Dr. Lee talks about what the HWT is and what services they provide, who is eligible for these services, the confidentiality of their services, the differences and between the available programs (HWT, Encompas, and the Employee Family Assistance Program), the differences between the HWT and the previous Wellness Unit, and the role of the care navigators.

The HWT can be reached at 1-844-677-9409. This number is answered 24/7 by a care navigator or mental health clinician. Callers can request information, connection to a peer supporter, or support. Please note that this is not a crisis line. The HWT can also be reached by email at OPPHealth@opp.ca (not monitored 24/7).

This episode of the 10-5 podcast is produced and hosted by Scott Mills and Joshua Jutras.

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