(pdf of letter is available below)

The OPP Association supports the letter sent to the Prime Minister January 14, 2023 by all of Canada’s Premiers and Territorial leaders urging the federal government to take direct action to strengthen our bail system.

Our member, Provincial Constable Greg Pierzchala was murdered December 27, 2022 outside of Hagersville, Ontario as he responded to a call for service for a vehicle in a ditch. Greg was ambushed. He did not have a chance.

Greg was a promising young officer who had his future stolen from him by alleged criminal(s) who had no regard for Greg’s life.

We are all outraged by the fact that one of his alleged killers had been released on bail on charges of assaulting a police officer and numerous firearms charges.

There are many issues that need to be addressed to ensure others are not in a situation to take the life of one of our police officers or community members.

Police are on the frontline of public safety and when police are killed and harmed it means there is an increased threat to public safety and communities.

Five police officers have been murdered in the line of duty in the past five months in Canada, with four of them in Ontario.

We also have members who have been injured by people who are on bail. Their lives have been forever altered.

Many citizens have been victimized by accused persons out of bail.

The time for all of us to act to address the shortfalls of our criminal justice system is now.
The OPP Association, along with our Police Association and Police Service partners are turning our outrage into action. We intend to address with vigor the circumstances in our criminal justice system that resulted in Greg being killed.

The OPPA are working collaboratively with our Police Association partners, Police Service partners, victim groups, and the federal and provincial governments with a view to making recommendations that will not only improve officer safety and public safety, but make the criminal justice system more effective for everyone.

Our intentions are to review case law, regulations, legislation, resource allocation and funding. We will leave no stone unturned.

When police officers are not safe, the public and communities across Canada are not safe. The criminal justice system needs improvements now so that it functions effectively and efficiently for everyone in our community.

President John Cerasuolo
and the OPPA Board of Directors