In the early morning hours of August 20, 2022, OPP Provincial Constable Mike Walli was involved in a police pursuit of a vehicle that was wanted in connection with a fail to remain collision. In the course of the arrest the suspect experienced a non life threatening injury which resulted in the Special Investigations Unit invoking their mandate.

On March 13, 2023 the Special Investigations Unit announced charges against Provincial Constable Mike Walli of criminal negligence causing bodily harm, assault with a weapon, assault cause bodily harm and careless use of a firearm. 

The SIU press release can be read on the SIU website.

OPP Association President John Cerasuolo states:

The OPP Association supports OPP Provincial Constable Mike Walli who was carrying out his duties on August 20, 2022, when he responded to a call for a fail to remain vehicle collision in Orillia. As part of the OPP Association’s support of PC Walli, we provide him with legal counsel and we look forward to a vigorous legal defence as the matter proceeds through the justice system. We are mindful that the upcoming legal proceedings will be long and stressful for PC Walli and other OPPA members impacted by this incident. We encourage and urge all OPPA Members to reach out for professional and or peer mental health supports available by contacting 24/7 1-866-794-9117 or online at

Media inquires can be directed by email to Scott Mills or cell 647-449-2801.