Congratulations Provincial Constable Tim Gadd on community nomination for a 2021 Police Association of Ontario Police Services Hero of the Year Award for being an On Duty Difference Maker in Dryden, Ontario. 

The nomination is posted on the PAO website and is reproduced below:

I am nominating OPP Officer Tim Gadd for the Police Services Hero of the Year Award for the Community Role Model Award. Tim joined the OPP Police Service in April of 2016. Along with being an excellent team member on-duty, supporting his fellow officers, Tim shows exemplary leadership qualities off duty as well. Whether he is coaching youth bowling or taking part in organizing community activities with the Kinsmen Club of Canada with which he is a member, he is always looking for ways to be involved in the betterment of his small community of Dryden.

His passion for helping others can also been seen by the many hours he dedicates to serving on the Executive Board of the Northern Ontario 5 Pin Bowler’s Association. Through his position as Vice President, he actively works to ensure that the sport of 5 pin bowling flourishes through activities such as fundraising, meeting with local executives and always listening to the needs and concerns of others.

He consistently puts others before himself and is always there to lend a hand to others when needed, no questions asked. He participates in fundraising events such as Movember and charity runs. He leads by example of what it means to be a role model and is an excellent candidate for this award.