ALAViDA, a trusted and vetted provider for substance use treatment for the Encompas Mental Health and Wellness Program, will be hosting a live webinar on today (February 22nd) about Mindfulness and Healthy Habits with Dr. Terry-Lynn MacKay, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, Clinician, and Clinical Director of ALAViDA.

Mindfulness can promote better sleep, mood, and feelings of well being. It’s a supportive tool that can enhance your productivity improve your communication, increase connection, and promote intentional living. Plus, it’s simple!

To register for this webinar, click here. visit . A recording will be available afterwards at this link:

To ensure your anonymity, this ALAViDA webinar will not enable attendees to have the option of turning on their camera or microphone. They will be able to ask questions anonymously through text Q&A, and they won’t be able to see the name of other participants. Host, Dr. MacKay, will answer questions verbally without referencing the name of the participant.