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Dr. Glenn J. Landry is the President and Chief Sleep Officer of CRS Circadian Rhythms and Sleep Inc. In advance of his first of three sessions as part of the Encompas Mental Health Awareness and Communication Series, Dr. Landry joins the 10-5 Podcast and guest host Carl Dalton to discuss sleep for first responders. Topics include “circadian dysregulation”, sleep debt and its impact on long-term health, “Why I can’t sleep?”, and sleep deprivation and the relationship between sleep health and mental health.

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For additional information on CRS Circadian Rhythms and Sleep Inc., please visit their website.  

The Encompas Mental Health Awareness and Communication Series takes place on the last Wednesday of the month. Dr. Landry’s series of 75 minute sessions will take place on April 27, May 25, and June 29. For further information, to register for a session, or to view one of the previous sessions in the series, please visit the Encompas website

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