What is the Ontario Provincial Police’s Occupational Doctor Program and how will it impact OPP Association members? OPP Superintendent Tina Maier is the Deputy Director of the OPP’s Healthy Workplace Team. She joins OPP Association Director Dave Dubé for this discussion, which includes an overview of the program and its origins, handling of medical information, the Occupational Doctor’s role in WSIB cases and workplace accommodations.

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The OPP’s Healthy Workplace Team can be reached at 1-844-677-9409. This number is answered 24/7 by a care navigator or mental health clinician. Callers can request information, connection to a peer supporter, or support. Please note that this is not a crisis line. The Healthy Workplace Team can also be reached by email at OPPHealth@opp.ca (not monitored 24/7).

The Encompas Mental Health Wellness Program is available to eligible active and retired OPPA Members:

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