The Rolling Barrage Motorcycle ride across Canada for PTSD passed through Barrie Tuesday morning greeted by (L to R) OPP Association President Rob Stinson, Retired OPP Deputy Commissioner Rick Barnum, Pat Alden of Ottawa Police, MP Doug Shipley and the Honourable Doug Downey, Attorney General of Ontario.

The fifth annual motorcycle rally called The Rolling Barrage stopped by for breakfast at Currie Heavy Towing in Midhurst, Ontario Tuesday morning after spending the night in Barrie on Day 9 of their trek across Canada.

A number of dignitaries including MP Doug Shipley and The Honourable Doug Downey, Attorney General of Ontario, attended the event and wished the riders well on their journey. 

OPP Association President and CEO Rob Stinson along with his daughter, Rachel Stinson were among the supporters who attended the breakfast to wish the twenty plus riders well on their journey. “Any time we can create awareness about the mental wellness of our veterans, our policing family, and all first responders is a good day”, Stinson said. He joined the riders on his own Harley Davidson for a portion of their ride after the breakfast, as they stopped by Peacekeepers’ Park in Angus, the Huronia Museum in Midland, and on to North Bay.

The Rolling Barrage is a not for profit corporation based out of Ottawa that was founded in 2016 by Scott Casey from British Columbia, himself a veteran of the Canadian Forces. They have been led since September 2020 by Paul Harman, who is carrying on Casey’s vision of national awareness for PTSD.

The group plans stops in Sault Ste Marie and Thunder Bay before heading to Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta enroute to their final destination in Vancouver, British Columbia on August 21.

Riders are welcome to join them along the way for portions of the ride. To follow the daily route click on their website.

Rob Stinson and his daughter

OPP Association President and CEO Rob Stinson and daughter were part of the welcoming team Tuesday for cross Canada motorcycle rally called The Rolling Barrage raising awareness for PTSD of veterans, police officers and first responders. The group plan to arrive in Vancouver on August 21.

The rolling barrage

Members of The Rolling Barrage, a cross Canada motorcycle rally to raise awareness of PTSD for veterans, police and first responders stopped for breakfast Tuesday in Midhurst north of Barrie. They were greeted by MP Doug Shipley, The Honourable Doug Downey, Attorney General of Ontario and OPP Association President Rob Stinson.

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