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Sarah Routhier from the Sylvain Routhier Memorial Foundation joins the 10-5 Podcast for the first of two episodes on the important work she and her team are doing around suicide prevention in the first responder community. Topics include the purpose of the Foundation, events and scholarships, the death of her husband, OPP Sergeant Sylvain Routhier, and her new book, “Don’t Forget Your Roots.

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For additional information on the Sylvain Routhier Memorial Foundation, please visit their website.

“Don’t Forget Your Roots” is available on Amazon or Indigo.

The Encompas Mental Health Wellness Program is available to eligible active and retired OPPA Members:

Telephone – 1-866-794-9117 (Available 24/7)

Email – 

Website –

The OPP’s Healthy Workplace Team can be reached at 1-844-677-9409. This number is answered 24/7 by a care navigator or mental health clinician. Callers can request information, connection to a peer supporter, or support. Please note that this is not a crisis line. The Healthy Workplace Team can also be reached by email at (not monitored 24/7).

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