In the Ontario Budget delivered on March 24, 2021 there was an announcement specific to the health and wellness of our our OPP Association members. A copy of the exact wording is below: 

Looking Out for Ontario Provincial Police Officers
Ontario recognizes the resolve and dedication of heroic OPP officers, especially during the COVID‑19 pandemic. This is why Ontario is investing $12.5 million over three years to enhance the mental health services available to OPP staff. This initiative is part of Ontario’s response to recommendations made in the Ontario Provincial Police Independent Review Panel: Final Report to create a healthier, more supportive work environment for OPP officers and civilian staff. While the OPP look out for the people of Ontario, they can count on their government to look out for them.

OPP Association President Rob Stinson states:

“The support announced today for the OPP Healthy Workplace Team is welcomed to further enhance available resources everywhere in Ontario for the health and well being of our members. There can never be enough support, and we thank the Ontario Government for their ongoing attention to promote a healthy workplace environment in the OPP.”

To read the entire budget click here on this link.