Congratulations Provincial Constable Ed Sanchuk on community nomination for a 2021 Police Association of Ontario Police Services Hero of the Year Award for being an On Duty Difference Maker in Norfolk County.

To read a CTV London media story click here.

Community Nomination from PAO website is reprinted here:

OPP Constable Ed Sanchuk goes above & beyond to keep people informed about what is going on in Norfolk County. He is at a accident scenes, helping people & children in the neighborhood, in all kinds of weather. He informs us of dangerous situations and updates when necessary. We have all come to realize Ed is an important part of our community & trust him completely. The OPP are very lucky to have such a competent police officer.

After the PAO and OPP Association publicly posted Ed’s initial nomination, the PAO received several more public nominations. They are reprinted below: 

Recently, I started a “Birthday Card Bonanza” for my friend’s daughter Sarah Hamby, she turned 12 on December 5, 2020. This girl has gone through more in her 12 years, then some of us will ever face in a lifetime. On October 29th, 2020, her mom, Gillian, called to let me know that Sarah relapsed for the 5th time in her short life with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. She had to be admitted yet again to Sick Kids, Toronto, and start her next fight. She was first diagnosed at age 3, and I’ve stood by and tried to support her and family as I watched a huge chunk of her childhood be stolen. So many special occasions she had to miss – Birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween – spent in the hospital or at Ronald McDonald House away from family and friends.

Sarah has been robbed of a regular childhood, unable to meet or know friends outside of the hospital, school is considered unsafe for her immunocompromised body to attend when she is feeling well or in remission. Every fever is a hospital visit. Every remission, more appointments. Imagine spending most of your life in the confines of a hospital bed. So when Sarah had her 5th diagnosis on October 29th, 2020, I was talking to her while playing an online game together, she told me that she would be spending another birthday and probably another Christmas at Sick Kids. I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, and she replied “100 birthday cards would be soooo nice!” Her mom, Gillian, had already sent an email to a family and friend group asking for cards, so I took it a step further to make sure she got 100 and made a post on my Facebook. I got a valuable lesson in things going viral. My post was shared and O.P.P. Officer Ed Sanchuk saw it and got a hold of me asking if he could repost it and I said “yes!” Then my version of going viral took off. Not only were all our communities involved, people from across the Province, people throughout Canada, then people from all over the world sent birthday cards. This story touched the hearts of people all over the planet, and Sarah got THOUSANDS of cards and presents, encouragement and well wishes from quite literally everywhere!

I can not express my thanks enough to Officer Ed. The O.P.P. arrival and the support vehicles was absolutely amazing. At first sight of lights and sirens, Kiarra, Sarah’s 14 year old sister turned to Sarah and asked “What did you do!?!?” We all laughed so hard, and it was so needed, with so much sadness enveloping the family, I had wondered if they forgot how to laugh and enjoy little things. We didn’t think Sarah would be home for her birthday. We met many wonderful officers and their families that day – while adhering to social distancing. I can not think Officer Ed and the O.P.P. enough for making Sarah feel like an absolute princess, they got her to smile and it lasted the whole day! Of course, as per the family’s usual, we finished Sarah’s day with a trip to Sick Kids as her chemotherapy filter failed and she was leaking cytotoxin.

What started as a couple strangers with the common goal of making a memorable birthday for Sarah, ended up with a socially distanced celebration bigger than either of us even imagined. I am honoured to now call Ed my friend. Officer Ed was instrumental in helping me make sure Sarah’s birthday was memorable for her and her family. The best thing is, Sarah called Ed her friend. For a child who has so few people outside of a hospital to call her friend, this was huge. In a time where police officers are continually fighting bad raps and negative media, this gesture of kindness showed what awesome officers that make up the O.P.P. I am so proud that these officers, especially Ed, showed Sarah, me and all our communities’ compassion, commitment, respect and kindness. I am forever indebted to Officer Ed and the O.P.P. Ed gave me a renewed sense of humanity in this world.

He is truly an asset to your organization and to our communities.

 I believe that Ed Sanchuk is an upright police officer always willing t help out the community and anyone who needs it. I find him to be very passionate about his work.

Ed Sanchuk is rewarding of this title because he is a friendly,caring person and does his duty in his County. He goes on line to let us know what is going on in the area, as to accidents and weather updates to accidents. Easy to listen to and does rewarding thing in the OPP. This year, he organized and led a wonderful birthday for a young girl that has cancer. He went on fb and other medias, asking the public to send cards to her via Simcoe OPP and he would make sure she got them. Now she lived far away and he and his crew from different places organized and video taped them bringing all the things to her at her home. We all got to see it and it just warmed my heart to see all these men and women giving their time to do this for her birthday. There where thousands of cards and gifts given to her and she still is opening them up today. Way to go Ed.

He’s a great guy always willing to help others.

Ed goes above and beyond for his community

Acting Sgt Ed Sanchuk is always onsite to explain what is going on.. but more so to always give the public the knowledge that they can make a difference by slowing down. Drive to conditions etc. He also gives info on how we can help the community. I have seen him in the snow.. the rain and terrible accidents. He is always trying to help the public.

I look forward to his updates of current events; road conditions, accidents, special events etc. The Facebook announcement about a beautiful young lady celebrating her 12th Birthday while battling cancer touched the hearts of people all around the world during a pandemic. The last update, this young lady had opened over 5600 birthday wishes with many more awaiting her attention. I think this idea was a reflection of a caring, loving person inspiring the same from others. I think he represents the OPP in very positive way. Thank you Ed for being you!!!

Not only is Ed jr. my son he is also my every day hero. With his over 20 years of service Ed has proven time and again that community service is one of many that he does on a daily basis. Taking time out from family at Christmas time to deliver bags to churches and women’s shelters to to give the unfortunate a better holiday. To help so many stuck in snow at the side of any road. To be there for cancer related issues in small children with little time left. To give lectures at schools on safety, the perils of drug addiction and more. When my son puts on his uniform he does so to be there to do whatever whenever he can to to make the community a better and safer place to be. I love him with all my heart and being. He really deserves to be acknowledged for this award.

Wonderful, caring, essential part of our everyday.

Constable Ed Sanchuk has always been a wonderful person, I remember him when he was a boy, he was always doing some sort of fund raising for families in need, hes always had a heart as big as the universe.

Ed goes above & beyond to keep people informed about what is going on in Norfolk County. He is at a accident scenes, helping people & children in the neighborhood, in all kinds of weather. He informs us of dangerous situations and updates when necessary. We have all come to realize Ed is an important part of our community & trust him completely. The OPP are very lucky to have such a competent Police Officer.